About Me

I’m Jill.FriedChicken

For more than enough years (but maybe not plenty) I’ve been a Jack of All Trades, but a Queen of None.

I adore learning new things. I get excited when the little switch goes off in my head, alerting me of something I cannot (but desire to) do.

At my (not yet plenty) age, I have not quite mastered many things. This blog is about the attempted mastery of some, and also the just plain doing of others.

I’m giving in to my natural tendency to give up one thing to kind of learn to do another thing.

There are some endeavors that last longer than others, so this blog may have a lot of information about gardening, cooking, and preserving.

I also have other long-term activities (like parenting, wifing, dabbling with paint, and horseback riding) that I don’t intend to give up.

You may read about my past interests (9 Ball, anyone?).

And you may read about something so new it scares me a little bit (hunting for my supper).

All in all, I hope this blog is more interesting than my life seems to be, and that I pick up a few more trades along the way.