The Dean’s List

hidden talents

Once upon a time I entered college with a major in Fashion Design.

Now here was a profession that called to my strengths:

Drawing? (as long as my ladies remained face-less, this was a check)
Taste? (I may not have been deemed high-class, but I knew what I liked, check)
Draping? (SO much fun. This was like sculpting, but simpler, check
Pattern making? (geometry always was my best math, check)
Sewing? (that was all right, as long as my machine let me beat it
into submission, check)

I totally made the Dean’s list in Fashion School. I kept that letter on my fridge for months! There was just one problem…

I never really made it through my second quarter.

Utter and complete FAIL.

What on earth was wrong with me? I found something I could do. Maybe, possibly I could have found a way to make some money doing it. Okay. A slim possibility. Why didn’t I keep doing it? I could have at least tried for long enough to fail.

Answering that would take a lot more thought and introspection than I’m willing to give right now. 

I had an awesome sewing machine. One of those industrial numbers that we were learning on in school (this was a very kind gift from my parents – a “Lord, I pray she’ll stick with this ridiculous notion” kind of gift). Since a great many years had passed with me using it a very few number of times (a monkey costume for our first daughter and some aprons), I sold the machine. In it’s place (you know, just in case) I purchased a fairly plain home machine with a wooden table/case from a friend.

I still haven’t used it. In fact, it’s just gathering dust on the sun porch that never became an art studio.

I think it’s time to change that.

You see. My Mama was a hard-time-cotton-mill-girl (another story, another time). And she can sew. She made the dress that she both graduated in and got married in. She can sew very well. She made every costume that I wore as a child. She makes costumes and dresses for her grandchildren. She makes baby blankets for every child born in our church. Fantastic oversized flannel blankets with coordinating binding – great for swaddling all the way to nap time in kindergarten and blanket forts.

In short: I want to be more like my Mama. And I need to figure out this sewing machine. And I want the Dean’s List episode to have some sort of positive, lasting effect on the rest of my life, and my children’s lives.
And suddenly it occurs to me…

What good is a talent that is kept hidden?

And does it really matter if it is hidden by dust, unsold yard sale items, or just an unwillingness or fear to use it?
Or, even, a fear of using it and doing a rotten job?

My Mama knows what she’s good at, and she shares her strengths to benefit others and glorify God. My gifts hide in closets and sun porches. 

Have you been hiding any of your gifts?