Box Day

-Once upon a time a boy fell in love with a girl, but didn’t tell her about it.
-They hung out and did cool things together with their friends, like loiter at coffee shops and do artsy-fartsy stuff.
-The boy moved away. The boy moved back.
-Then the boy and girl became friends. Fantastic friends. Best friends.
-Eventually the girl realized that she loved the boy.
-She gathered her courage and told him about it.
-So then they were hitched and lived happily ever after.

stacks of books

Just a little over two weeks ago, The Man (that boy) and I made a decision that will affect our family in a huge way, and that decision came about in much the same way as our courtship.

God worked on each of us until we pretty much knew what we should do. Then we told each other about it and discovered we both felt the same way.

And then God showered us with blessings. As we asked him for guidance, he showed us the way.

So, with the Star Child entering 1st grade and the Flower Child entering 3rd grade, we pulled them out of their most fantastic Classical Christian school. And today our school books arrived. At home. Where we will do school. Homeschool.

I think I’ll repeat that last part in bold to make a stronger point.


Four days ago, we received our books. Two heavy boxes full of delicious-smelling texts. And a few stinky ones, too.

Usborne from Sonlight

Books about all sorts of wonderful things. Even some wonderful things that I know nothing about.

In the Sonlight community (the literature-based curriculum we chose), this day is known as Box Day. Over the course of the year, we will read all of these books. I’ll read some to them and they will read some on their own. And I may read those to myself after they go to bed.

You know. So we get our money’s worth. 

Box Day could easily become my most favorite day of the year.

unpacking books

 On our first day of homeschool. We covered Social Studies, Language Arts, Bible, and Science. The Star Child started Math, but the Flower Child’s computer-based Math program is giving us a little trouble. -not the software’s fault,it’s our hardware that’s being a pain-

The girls started the day by getting dressed and helping clean house. The Man says we need to have “real” clothes on. He didn’t say anything about shoes, though.

We learned about apes (chimpanzees can bark), archaelogical digs, compound words, the birth of Jesus, baby goats (furry kids), and the island of Capri (which is close to Naples, but we couldn’t swim to it).

I love that the girls can share school together, learning from the same Social Studies and Science books, even though they are two full school years apart.

And I am SO looking forward to our first field trip together! I’ll just have to get used to the extra company.

I hope that all the life-changing decisions The Man and I make will be as easy as this one was. I’m sure that is a far-fetched hope, but I’m going to hang onto it.

Are you a homeschooling family? How did you decide that it was right for you?

read all the books