Garden Round Up 3/24/13

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Our vegetable garden is 3 years old. This is the beginning of year 4 and I’ve already spent more time in the yard than I did the entire first Spring.

This past month I’ve replaced yoga time with garden time, and I’m okay with that! This is the set-up for the whole season!
(I also like to think that where I’m lacking in caloric burn, I’m gaining in potential vegetable consumption)

I’ve got three years of (mostly successful) tomatoes under my belt and I’m ready for garden expansion. Go big or stay inside.
My regular anxiety has been replaced with garden anxiety (did I plant those seeds too early? too late? will the wind knock over my bean trellis? will the rain last all day or can I get outside and plant the onion sets?)
So when the rain subsided after lunch today, we did a few projects and I took a photo walk to document the work we’ve done in the past month. Spring has only just begun and we’ve done so much more than ever before!

The Man finally broke ground on the hugelkultur I’ve been plotting for months.
It’s affectionately known as “The Garden-in-A-tor”. (Yes, that’s a Phineas & Ferb reference)

hugelkultur goes here

The girls did some home improvements, adding curb appeal to the playhouse. The new flower beds have been seeded with marigolds. I did the grunt work digging up the turf. The girls little shovel just couldn’t break through. So they said.

          wonder dog                     curb appeal 

We have baby pea plants! Peas are the only seeds we’ve planted outside so far, not counting the marigolds. It’s still pretty chilly out.

I planted peas along the bean trellis, too, but they haven’t emerged yet.

             baby peas               more baby peas

There are things growing inside the house as well. I love watching the seedlings in their little greenhouses. Check out this cucumber seedling trying to shed the shell of its seed!

        cuke seed                cuke seedlings

The Man has been busy, too. Besides clearing out the snakey wood for the hugelkultur, he also started pressure washing the house and driveway and he planted stones in the muddy track that Alice the Wonder Dog takes to reach the front yard. When The Man got creative with the power washer, the girls requested that their initials stick around. A lasting piece of art in driveway grime.

       under pressure                 planting a stone path

I revisited the bamboo trellis and made a tripod for the non-bushy cucumbers (when they are ready). I used zip ties under the twine on the top, and also to attach the horizontal braces on the sides. The edging around the cucumber bed is the same stone The Man used for Alice’s path. They were found objects in the backyard from the previous owners. The cages will contain potatoes. I hope.

                bamboo cucumber trellis                 stone garden edging

I tackled a couple of things I saw on Pinterest. The Man got me some gutters to plant lettuce. He installed them on the north side of our backyard fence.
gutter planter

And in a “let’s see if this works” moment. I made a stack of tipsy pots. I may have used pots that were a little large for this, but it sure looks cool! The girls helped me out by painting the pots. (I think I have an aversion to terra cotta at the moment) The clay pots are easy on the wallet, especially when they are on sale at Hobby Lobby. I’m not sure what we’ll plant in them. Something colorful or with bright leafy greens that will reflect the light.

Oh yeah.


Two words of warning.


Don’t blink.

                 phonto               tipsy pots

I found tipsy pot tutorials here and here.

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