Drinking Green and Starting Seeds

The Man makes frightening concoctions in our blender twice a day. Spinach, ice, chocolate whey protein powder, agave nectar, and some water or coffee. He calls them smoothies. That is not a smoothie.starting seeds title

This offers two truths about our family:

We buy a lot of spinach.

We also use the restroom a lot.

These truths came in handy when it was time to start the seeds for our backyard garden. All that spinach comes in lots of packaging, since we haven’t found a regular local producer to satisfy Popeye.

This is the first year I’ve started the seeds myself. We are fairly new to gardening, and I’ve been purchasing more established plants at Whole Foods or the hardware store for the last couple years.

After scouring the internet (okay, Pinterest) for ideas, I settled on a blend of  ideas using stuff we already have. There were lots of ideas for seed starting using the tubes and plastic containers. I’ve also saved several egg cartons. It didn’t dawn on me until today that all those nifty clementine boxes from winter would have been helpful. *doh*

Anyway. Let’s hope this one works.

I poked some holes in the bottom of a large plastic lettuce container with a skewer,

assuming any standing water would get pretty rank.

poking holes

Then I placed a paper bag in the bottom.

This was really just to help hold the dirt in the…

brown bagging it

Toilet paper tubes! (and also a few cut up paper towel tubes)

I placed the container on the porch and waited for the child labor to get home from school.

starting seeds

They filled the tubes with teaspoons because I didn’t want dirt all over the inside of the container,

and they didn’t know I was being irrationally anal.

I added dirt around all the tubes later.

It turns out the exposed wet tubes can grow lots of hairy stuff.

adding soil

I added seeds after the girls got bored, and topped with another spoonful of soil.

planting seeds

Labelled each tube, while thinking about tomato sauce and tomato sandwiches…

labeling seeds

Watered from a spice jar (perhaps we will get a sprinkling can this year)

spice jar watering can

And topped with another spinach container (with more air holes),

taped one side with masking tape for a hinge,

and placed a lid underneath to catch any leaked water.

indoor greenhouse

Tada! An indoor greenhouse!

I placed the greenhouse in a well-lit spot and we’ll see how things grow. I’ve got more seeds on the way from a very kind friend. Now please excuse me while I go blow my nose on some toilet paper.